Weddings and Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Personalized Initial Lapel Pin

Gift your groomsmen an elegant personalized lapel pin to celebrate your wedding. Lapel Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen are an integral part of your big day. How to show appreciation for your groomsmen. A small gesture would be to show how much you appreciate your friends, family, or co-workers who stand by your side at your wedding. 



5 Unique Gift Ideas for Groomsmen

Personalized Initial Name Cufflinks, Tie Bar and Lapel Pin 


Gifting your groomsmen customized cufflinks will show your appreciation for helping make your day special. Cufflinks never go out of style and are an accessory every man should have in his drawer for certain occasions. 

Buying personalized cufflinks for each groomsman with their initials engraved is a special and unique gift. Choose cufflinks, a lapel pin, and/or a tie bar as a full set or on their own for a unique groomsmen gift. Available in stainless steel, gold/ rose plated stainless steel or sterling silver.

Personalized Sterling Silver Family Crest Cufflinks | Coat of Arms and Logo

Personalized crest cufflinks are a classy gift for your groomsmen. Customize the cufflinks with your family emblem, university logo, or a symbol that will commemorate the bond you have with your groomsmen on your special day.

Round, square, shield and oval-shaped crest cufflinks are available for you to choose from. Customizing the cufflinks to suit your groomsmen will be much better than buying a generic gift. Available in Sterling Silver 925 and Stainless Steel, with Gold/Rose Gold pins are a classic addition to any suit or vest. Adding initials to the lapel pins for your groomsmen will be a unique gift to show them your love.

Customize the font and pin style of the lapel pins along with your chosen material. Depending on your preferred style or what your groomsmen will be wearing on your wedding day, you can choose between stainless steel, sterling silver 925, gold/rose gold plated stainless steel, or sterling silver.

Family Crest Lapel Pin | Custom Logo

Commemorate your wedding by giving your groomsmen a unique and wonderful gift showcasing your family crest. Wear the crest with pride alongside your brothers, cousins, friends, or other family members who you have honored by choosing them to be with you on the best day of your life. 


Personal and customized gifts like the family crest lapel pin truly show your appreciation for your groomsmen. Available in stainless steel, 18k gold plated stainless steel, sterling silver 925, and 18k gold plated silver. 

Customized Photo Charm for Bridal Memorial Bouquet


Weddings are special occasions that you wish all family members and friends could attend. Unfortunately, you may have lost a close one who you wish could be present. Photo charm for a bridal memorial is something you could do to have them with you in your way. 


Personalize the gift by adding photos, quotes, memorable dates, or something else that has a significant connection to your loved one. Contemporary and unique, this gift will be an emotional and endearing one for your wedding.


Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas 

Giving your groomsmen a unique gift idea will mean much more to them than a generic gift anyone can buy. Personalizing the present will convey your appreciation for them playing a part in your wedding. Classic gifts like the few outlined above are timeless and a constant reminder of your bond. 

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