Belbren is a custom jewelry manufacturer, specialising in handmade, personalized gifts that ship worldwide since 2020.

We believe that everyone has their own unique story to tell, and this should be expressed in the jewelry that you wear. We go above and beyond, and try to create jewelry that isn't just an accessory, but a personal and meaningful item that you can treasure and keep close to your heart or wear on your hands.


Here at Belbren, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We pride ourselves on our quick responses to any customer concerns, and hope that our items will let you carry your favourite memories and loved ones around with you at all times.

It's important to us that every step of the process is done carefully and with love, to the highest standard, from production, to packing, to delivery!

We use high quality materials, particularly Sterling Silver 925, 18K Gold and 18K Rose Gold for our products, to ensure a beautiful finish and lasting quality.

We offer a huge collection of different stylish, trendy designs, such as hearts, infinity loops, crosses, mother's day necklaces and more!
Our jewelry range is constantly expanding - available in a range of materials and colours - for all occasions.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for Mother's Day or Father's Day, you want something special to commemorate an occasion in your child's life like a graduation, or something to make your groomsmen look sharp on your wedding day, we have something for you!

All our products are manufactured under the most stringent continuous quality controls, to guarantee our customers first-class quality.