Belbren's jewelry pieces are created with precious metals.

We advise that you handle them with care and follow the instructions laid out below in order to protect their appearance.


Cleaning Tips

1. To maintain your silver jewelry, polish your pieces using a non-abrasive cleaning cloth. We provide silver polishing cloths with our sterling silver orders. Remember not to use paper towels or tissues in place of the soft cloth.

2. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Individual cloth pouches are ideal to avoid scratches and tarnishing.

3. Avoid bringing your jewelry into the shower, bath, or pool. Contact with perfumes and other harsh chemicals such as detergents and harsh polishing chemicals can seriously damage and affect the appearance of your jewelry.

Harsh chemicals and immersion in water can loosen gemstone settings, dull the gemstones themselves and tarnish the precious metals used. 

4. Simply use a moist cloth to clean gemstones, as they can absorb chemicals and be damaged by ultrasonic cleaning tools